The band was formed in the year 2003, when Rodrigo and Diego Alvarez started rehearsing with their friend and drummer Rodolfo Lozano. After a while and in the absence of a vocalist, the Alvarez decided to call their lifelong friend Lajos Kossuth, who was also driven by the same type of music.


After rehearsing for a couple of months and playing covers of some American bands, the band started to gain consistence as well as a personal sound. That is how they started writing their own music. They decided to call themselves Inmodium, after a Nirvana's song.


It was the year 2004 when the band decided to record a demo in order to help them promote their music throughout the city. They recorded 6 songs, achieving that one of them, "Sorrow", was put on rotation on some radio stations in Lima. That is how they got their first interviews on radio stations and television shows.


In 2005, and with the help of Percy Cardenas (friend and guitar player of Space Bee), the band was encouraged to take a bigger step, recording their first EP. For the recording sessions they were supported by music producer Andres Bretel, who was also responsible for mixing and mastering, and by Alejandro Morales, known percussionist and sound engineer. It is during these sessions that the band decides to change their name to REDHOUSE, orienting the concept of the EP and their music in a new direction.


They played in many places in Lima between the years 2005 and 2008, and while the project became more mature and important to each of the members of REDHOUSE, the composition continued until they had written almost 30 songs. It is in mid 2009, that they decided to start the pre-production of their first album.


With 12 tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Andres Bretel, with the help of sound engineer and music producer Mario Melgar, and thanks to a great work of visual art from graphic designer and friend of the band Christian Braun, REDHOUSE presents in 2011 their first album named Blame the Flying Monkeys, which you will be able to download full and free from this website.